Four Steps to Your New Home.

Researching the market for a new home can be overwhelming. With so many homes on the market, it can get confusing deciding which one is right for you.

When you shift your mindset towards your home purchase, you start worrying less about missing out on the next best thing and more on how a specific home is actually the perfect fit for you.

I developed this four-step guide that breaks down the process, making it easier for you to answer the questions that matter the most in helping you find the perfect home.

So let’s get started.


Here’s where you look at the main building blocks based on your family’s realistic capabilities both financially and in terms of actual needs. The main factors here are:


– What’s your combined annual income?

– How much do you have for a deposit?

– Have you prequalified for a mortgage?

– If so, how much can you comfortably afford?

– Did you factor in closing costs? Land Transfer Tax?

– Have you thought about maintenance costs?

Location & Size:

– Number of bedrooms/bathrooms?

– Do you have square footage in mind?

– Where do/will your kids go to school?

– Where are your jobs?

– Do you want to be close to family?

– What’s your daily commute like?

– Is it important for you to be in close proximity to the TTC?

– Is there a neighbourhood you particularly like/prefer?


Let’s think about the things your home absolutely must have vs. the things that would be nice to have, but aren’t necessarily deal breakers. For example:

– Type of home: Detached, semi or townhouse? Condo? How flexible are you here?

– Age of the condo/house? Who’s the builder? What’s the construction quality like?

– Do you need outdoor space? A balcony? Backyard?

– What unique features are important to you? High ceilings? A view?

– Underground parking, covered garage, street parking for your car(s)

– How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you need them all to be ensuite?

– Do you need a den? (perhaps, if you’re permanently working from home now)

– Storage locker/additional storage space

– Do you need a laundry room?

– Do you need an extra guest bedroom?

– What will the basement serve? Will your family benefit from it regularly?


Here is where we look at the items above and decide how important they are to you and what purpose they will actually serve. Consider these things:

– How often will the guest bedroom be used?

– How often do you use your outdoor space? Do you BBQ?

– Would it be OK for your kids to share one bathroom?

– Who uses the kitchen the most? Is this where you generally gather?

– Where will you store your winter clothes? Luggage?

– Do you need extra space for functionality or aesthetics? Remember, extra space means more square footage and a higher price point


Give yourself a deadline, stick to it and work backwards from that date. When you tell yourself you’re moving in x number of months, you will start mentally preparing and it’ll happen. Factors that may impact your deadline could be:

– Do you want to move during the holidays? Before the school year starts?

– Do you have an expiring lease?

– Is your deposit pending an upcoming bonus from work? A family loan?


If you need guidance on purchasing your home and you’re confused about how to choose the right fit for you, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.


+1 647 877 0983

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