Afraid of Committing? (to a home)

A mistake I’ve seen repeatedly in my years in Real Estate is clients who miss out on great opportunities in their search for the ‘perfect’ house or condo. Much the same way that we go looking for the perfect partner or spouse. We create checklists – successful, wealthy, tall, pretty, loves kids, pets, has the perfect parents/siblings, loves to travel, gets along with my friends, eats the same food, gives me space, reads my mind. The list goes on. The reality is that our spouses don’t always tick all the boxes, yet somehow, we’re a perfect match and it works. 

Buying a home usually involves mental lists much like this. High ceilings, a quiet street, great neighborhood, double garage, modern kitchen, amazing unobstructed views, storage lockers, close to school/office, hardwood floors, marble floors, standup shower, soaking tub, walk in closets, full laundry room, ensuite bathrooms. We want it all in one place. At a certain price. Or we don’t want it at all. We let it go, move on, and wait for the next one. 

These are all very important (and valid) things to want in your home. Purchasing a home is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well.  You expect it to have all these things, right? The reality is though, that most homes, no matter how high the price tag, will almost always fall short of something on your list. And that’s OK. 

When you start to shift how you approach your purchase, you start worrying less about missing out on the next best thing and more on how this home is actually the perfect fit for you. You commit to it and you make it work (you also get yourself onto the property ladder, but that’s a discussion for another day).

And much like our spouses, our homes become a perfectly imperfect extension of ourselves and our lives that we can’t live without. The added benefit is that it’s perfectly acceptable to trade in your home for something better down the line:)



If you need guidance on purchasing your house or condo and you’re confused about how to choose the right fit for you, click here to download my four step guide – I’d be happy to walk you through the process.

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